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Special Collection

Past and future of classical conditioning: A special collection in honor of Prof. Dr. Paul Eelen

Collection launched: 26 Jul 2018
This Special Collection in honour of Prof. Dr. Paul Eelen compiles theoretical review and opinion papers that Paul Eelen wrote about his scientific and clinical work on classical conditioning and that, despite their quality and modernity, had never reached an international audience. Paul Eelen passed away on August 21, 2016. Paul was a clinically oriented scientist, for whom learning principles (Pavlovian or operant) were more than salivary responses and lever presses. His expertise in learning psychology and his enthusiasm to translate this knowledge to clinical practice inspired many inside and outside academia. Several of his original writings were in the Dutch language. This Special Collection, compiled by his former students and colleagues, presents translations of several of his manuscripts to English to allow wide access to his original insights and opinions. Even though some of the manuscripts were written more than two decades ago, their content is surprisingly contemporary.