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Reading: Neural Networks and the Representation of Time


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Research Article

Neural Networks and the Representation of Time


R.C. Miall

Parks Road Oxford OX1 4PT, GB
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The neurons within artificial neural networks have rather limited temporal behaviour, and the most common mechanisms used to improve their representation of temporal events are simple delay lines or recurrent feedback connections. While there are problems in the match between these properties and the neurophysiological realities, many of these problems are overcome by the benefits of multi-neuron networks. A simple network model is described, more as an example of the network approach than as a serious model of timing. However, it demonstrates that even the most crude network of neurons could be used to count or to accumulate the output of an internal clock.

How to Cite: Miall, R.C., 1993. Neural Networks and the Representation of Time. Psychologica Belgica, 33(2), pp.255–269. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1993.
Peer Reviewed


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