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Reading: La Perception de L’Opposition Invariant/Variant


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Research Article

La Perception de L’Opposition Invariant/Variant


Irene Deliege

Laboratoire de Psychologie expérimental Boulevard du Rectorat 5 Sart Tilman. B 32 4000 Liège, BE
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[The Perception of the Opposition Invariant/Variant]


This paper proposes that the use of repetition and variation is a constant in the musical construct irrespective of era or cultural origin. Taking this premise as a basis, an experimental study is described which investigates the perception — in the course of listening to a piece of music — of a polar opposition which can be termed Variant/Invariant in the light of the subjects’ prior knowledge and of the type of musical structure involved.

How to Cite: Deliege, I., 1991. La Perception de L’Opposition Invariant/Variant. Psychologica Belgica, 31(2), pp.239–263. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1991.
Peer Reviewed


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