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Reading: Performances Visuo-Constructives Et Vieillissement


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Research Article

Performances Visuo-Constructives Et Vieillissement


Bernadette Ska ,

Centre de Recherche Centre Hospitalier Côte-des-Neiges 4565 Chemin de la Reine-Marie Montréal, Québec H3W 1W5, CA
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Hélène Désilets,

Jean-Luc Nespoulous


[Visuo-Constructive Performances and Aging]


Three groups of subject (From 20 to 30, from 40 to 50, and over 60 years of age) were asked to produce four geometrical figures (circle, square, cube, star) and four non-geometrical drawings (house, human figure, bicycle, pipe) on verbal command first, and then from a model. Analysis of data gathered on 96 subjects indicates that, when compared with the performances of younger subjects, the graphic productions of the elderly people on verbal command are abusively schematized and oversimplified at the representational level, whereas their model-based productions reveal nothing but a difficulty in organizing graphic-motor execution.

How to Cite: Ska, B., Désilets, H. and Nespoulous, J.-L., 1986. Performances Visuo-Constructives Et Vieillissement. Psychologica Belgica, 26(2), pp.125–145. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1986.
Peer Reviewed


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