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Reading: Een Inleiding Tot De Directe Perceptietheorie


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Research Article

Een Inleiding Tot De Directe Perceptietheorie


Johan P. Wagemans

Tiensestraat 102 3000 Leuven, BE
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[Introduction to the Direct Theory of Perception]


An attempt is made to introduce the direct theory of perception, which has had a lot of attention lately. Some central aspects of the theory are highlighted by means of the core concepts: (1) the study of the environment (ecology), (2) ecological optics (optic array, invariants, affordances), and (3) information detection and usage (resonance, perceptual systems). In fact, this article discusses the direct theory’s answer to two central questions, which have to be answered by every perception theory: First, what is perceived? Secondly, how are these things perceived? In addition, an attempt is made to discuss the ecological theory of the link between perception and behavior.

How to Cite: Wagemans, J.P., 1986. Een Inleiding Tot De Directe Perceptietheorie. Psychologica Belgica, 26(1), pp.77–98. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1986.
Peer Reviewed


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