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Reading: Approche Psycho-Physiologique de la Douleur


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Approche Psycho-Physiologique de la Douleur


Nicole Schepens-Boisacq

Faculté de Médecine-UCL 5449 Avenue Hippocrate 54 1200 Bruxelles, BE
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[Psychophysiological Approach of Pain]


Recent progress in the psychobiology of pain is briefly reviewed, with major developments on neurophysiological and neurochemical mechanisms — peripheral as well as central and their implications for a renewed “gate-control” theory; moreover, such a theoretical model offers a frame of reference for various clinical approaches attempting to control pain.

How to Cite: Schepens-Boisacq, N., 1985. Approche Psycho-Physiologique de la Douleur. Psychologica Belgica, 25(2), pp.149–167. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1985.
Peer Reviewed


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