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Reading: A Propos de L’Explication en Psychologie


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Research Article

A Propos de L’Explication en Psychologie


Gérard de Montpellier

Leopold III laan 33 3030 Heverlee, BE
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[On Explanation in Psychology]


The aim of any scientific explanation is either to infer the observed facts from theoretical concepts or “models”, or to identify their necessary or sufficient conditions of apparition. These two approaches are also used in psychology. However, due to the special nature of this discipline, some conditions are different from the physical sciences. In particular, the role of causal finality and of a sign-to-signified relation in interpreting human behavior, is discussed.

How to Cite: de Montpellier, G., 1984. A Propos de L’Explication en Psychologie. Psychologica Belgica, 24(2), pp.129–136. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1984.
Peer Reviewed


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