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Reading: Les Structures de la Perspective Temporelle


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Research Article

Les Structures de la Perspective Temporelle


Michel Born

Rue de la Wade 5 4540 Visé, BE
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[The Structures of Future Time Perspective (F.T.P.)]


The Future Time Perspective is a crucial concept, especially in adolescents because, at that age, young people have to make choices concerning their future life. — Some questionnaires were made in order to describe accurately how youths structure their future. The statistical analysis of the answers of the 258 interviewed youths shows that the F.T.P. is structured on two main dimensions: 1. differenciation (having few of many things in mind about the future) and 2. programming (to think of the future with or without an effort to realistically organize the elements.) — Adolescents who are able to combine the construction and the organization tasks seem to have more chances to be better integrated in our society.

How to Cite: Born, M., 1984. Les Structures de la Perspective Temporelle. Psychologica Belgica, 24(2), pp.105–116. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1984.
Peer Reviewed


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