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Reading: Concept de Soi et Religion


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Research Article

Concept de Soi et Religion


Alvaro Tamayo

Departamento de Psicologia Universidade de Brasilia, BR
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[Self-Concept and Religion]


The influence of religion upon the self-concept was explored. The sample was composed of 834 Brazilian subjects, 587 of which were catholics, 88 spiritists, 53 protestants, and 106 without religion. The instrument was the Self-concept Factorial Scale. Six anovas were calculated using sex, age, marital status and cultural level as covariates. The findings indicated that subjects without religion have less positive scores on several dimensions of self-concept than religious subjects.

How to Cite: Tamayo, A., 1982. Concept de Soi et Religion. Psychologica Belgica, 22(1), pp.57–65. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1982.
Peer Reviewed


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