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Reading: Levenstevredenheid, Geloof in Interne Beheersing, Self-Disclosure


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Research Article

Levenstevredenheid, Geloof in Interne Beheersing, Self-Disclosure


Alfons Marcoen ,

Ria Vanham

About Ria

The authors wish to express their gratitude to Dr. Paul De Boeck for his methodological advice and to Mr. Rob Stroobants for providing computer programming services.

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[Life Satisfaction, Locus of Control, Self-Disclosure]


The relationships between life satisfaction, belief in internal control of reinforcement and self-disclosure are made psychologically plausible in a descriptive way. Three main hypotheses about those relationships and seven additional ones about correlations between those variables and some other variables are proposed. Three original measures of life satisfaction, an adaptation of the Self-Disclosure Questionnaire of Jourard and the Rotter I-E Scale are administered to 130 men and women between 20 and 80 years old. The three main hypotheses are confirmed. Significant correlations are found between life satisfaction on the one side and belief in internal control and self-disclosure on the other side. There is also a statistically significant correlation between both last mentioned variables. Three other confirmed hypotheses are concerned with relations between belief in internal control, four aspects of self-disclosure and fifteen domain satisfactions Besides, there is a statistically significant positive correlation between file satisfaction and the perception of one's social contacts, between belief in internal control and the intention to seek information in case of serious fife difficulties No confirmation is found for hypotheses about the relation between self-disclosure and the perception of being loved by others resp. the perception of one's self-knowledge.

How to Cite: Marcoen, A. and Vanham, R., 1981. Levenstevredenheid, Geloof in Interne Beheersing, Self-Disclosure. Psychologica Belgica, 21(1), pp.65–81. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1981.
Peer Reviewed


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