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Reading: Schizofrenie Tussen Psychodynamische En Biologische Psychiatrie


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Schizofrenie Tussen Psychodynamische En Biologische Psychiatrie


Hermy P.M. Van Helden

Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen Afdeling Dierfysiologie Toernooiveld 200 Nijmegen, NL
About Hermy P.M.
Biochemisch wetenschappelijk medewerker
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[Schizophrenia Between Psychodynamic and Biologic Psychiatry]


If psychological factors were the major influence in pathologic development of schizophrenia. than psychotherapy would he a totaly adequate treatment of this disorder. Biologic psychiatry holds that a series of functional cerebral disorders forms the basis of all disturbed behaviour. It is an incontestable fact that the brain is the carrier of the central regulation mechanisms of behaviour and that it is possible to influence behaviour and eventually to normalise it via direct pharmacological and even surgical treatment. The basis of biologic psychiatry is that the conception of disease is of an organic nature, even in a psychiatric sense, and is in the last resort neurological If psychogenic factors have already induced irreversible neurologic or ncuro-endocrinc changes, one can expect that with psychotherapy alone, a lasting satisfactory effect will not be obtained. The question whether schizophrenia is a disease of biochemical or psycho-social nature is similar to the controversy over whether some cancers arc conditions caused by a virus or arc the result of a defective dcfcncc-mcchanism or growth-mechanism. The discovery that LSD can cause mental changes similar to psychoses, suggests that the biosynthesis of hallucinogenic compounds in the brain could be the cause of some schizophrenic symptoms. There are many reports of appearing schizophrenic-like psychoses after the use of amphetamines. The individual roles of braindopamine. -scrotonine. and -noradrenaline and their relationships to one another, are considered a primary requirement to obtain normal behaviour. Therefore one can assume that it is also important in psychologic disorders. Attention is also called to the neurolcptica. compounds with an antipsychotic effect. If one is successful in analyzing the biochemical background of schizophrenia, this mental disorder may be treated as many other somatic disorders. Thus, psychotherapy, envolving prolonged treatment and unreliable results, would be completely unnecessary.

How to Cite: Van Helden, H.P.M., 1977. Schizofrenie Tussen Psychodynamische En Biologische Psychiatrie. Psychologica Belgica, 17(2), pp.183–188. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1977.
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