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Reading: Judged Attractiveness of the Ingratiator


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Research Article

Judged Attractiveness of the Ingratiator


Hilde J. Duvauchel ,

Tiensestraat 102 3000 Leuven, BE
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Luc M. Lefebvre

Tiensestraat 102 3000 Leuven, BE
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This study investigated, in a 3 × 3 design, the effects of degree and frequency of ingratiating other-enhancements on the ingratiator’s judged attractiveness under a high dependency relationship. Videotaped interactions were constructed, in which a role player ingratiated her peer in a systematic way by means of verbal and nonverbal other-enhancements. Subjects, shown a control videotape and one of nine experimental videotapes, were asked to judge the attractiveness of the ingratiator as Bystanders (Bs) and as Bystanders-Predictors (BPs). For both kinds of judged attractiveness scores an interaction between degree and frequency of other-enhancements was hypothesized However, this interaction was only confirmed for bs. In addition, a main effect of judgmental set was hypothesized and confirmed. Unexpected results were discussed within the framework of social exchange and social skill.
How to Cite: Duvauchel, H.J. and Lefebvre, L.M., 1976. Judged Attractiveness of the Ingratiator. Psychologica Belgica, 16(2), pp.185–198. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 1976.
Peer Reviewed


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